Why I still choose to leave Singapore for Malaysia despite bad economy

I still choose to leave Singapore for Malaysia, Ai??Itai??i??s my own decision for not regret eventually.

Orchard Christmas Celebration
Still barely remember the last happening Christmas celebration at Orchard, and aAi??night after watching scenary at Helix bridge, Merlion near Fullerton Hotel, Garden By The Bay and MBS. Itai??i??s time for me to go back Malaysia, and start my new life, set my goals: career, family, relationship and financial. Taking out my ticket and depart back to Kuala Lumpur, a city like I first enter Singapore. Start to build friends and network.

Indeed, I really likeAi??Singapore very much. There are many reasons for me not to leave this country. Everywhere in Singapore is so clean, and systematic. I never break any traffic rules because I canai??i??t afford due to the merit system. 20 marks for breaking traffic light rule could cost me lost my Singapore driving license and my engineer job.






Buy keftab Singapore National Library
One of the culture I love the most is National Library at Bugis is always occupied with people range from kids to adults.

I often couldnai??i??t find any place. This culture really amazed me and truly inspire my to bring this culture back to Malaysia. Everyone is keen in learning and that could be one of the reason move the country to greater height!




JB-Woodlands TrafficAnd every week I will drive to Malaysia for work, and in the early morning, I observed many Malaysian cross the JB-Singapore Bridge to Woodland Custom. The whole bridge is full of their sweat, and the desire to earn x3(3 times in currency exchange rate) money.

By seeing this scene, it make me think and reflect on myself on how can I help Malaysian, how can I Increase Malaysia economy although I am just a tiny engineer.

Every day, these people reach their home at Johor about night time, some even reach at 11pm, then about 3-4am they need to departAi??to Singapore.

This situation looks like the bridge between China and Hong Kong, but the situation is changing, now a lot Hong Kong people going to China to work. There are many days and nights I start to build my plan, enhance my digital marketing skills after dismiss from work after 9pm, Iai??i??ve been thinking hard how can I help Malaysian despite I am living comfortably in Singapore with decent salary.

ai???Singapore is so good, everyone is craving to work at there, what for you come back Malaysia earn Ringgit?ai??? ai??i?? Aunty Uncle around

ai???Are you serious? 3x Salary you donai??i??t want? Please give this job to me before you come back.ai??? ai??i?? Friends

ai???You come back Malaysia for what kind of job? Will the new job getting the equivalent amount of money as compared to Singapore job? We can take care ourselves here, you continue work in Singapore lahh.ai??? Ai??ai??i?? Parent

From all these factors, I still insist to make the decision to come back Malaysia. This decision is made based on few considerations:

  1. Ai??My parent are no longer young anymore

From the day, I realized my daddy diagnose with sickness whileAi??I am still meeting clients at Singapore. I do not know what can I do, I want to take a flight back to my hometown to take care of him, but I canai??i??t simply make this decision to put away my ongoing tasks.
dad and son
Parent always want the best in their children, they want us to have a decent salary, have a good life. They will always told usAi??that they can take care themselves, no need worry about them. Still indeed I knew they are hope children can go back visit them as often as possible.

When someone reach 60-70s, all kind of sickness will approach them. Friend told me that I can hire someone to take care of them but I wish I could give more to them. They are the one who raise me up and give love to me. And now they are old, IAi??myself cannot justAi??let them live just like this. I just want to give back how they give to us previously.


  1. Singapore is fast growing country, still Malaysia has a lot opportunities

The moment I decide to come back Malaysia, Iai??i??ve accept I will restart my life, and I just canai??i??t spend whatever I want. My salary will be divided by 3 times, and I still have my financial burden, car, house loan and living cost in Malaysia is not really that low as compared to Singapore.

These challenges make me highly motivate towards life. I begin to realize life is interesting, I start to see everything beyond what it is usually, I make plan properly, slowly build up the plan to increase my income to be like the salary I had in Singapore. Although Iai??i??m still working hard on it, I believe I can do it. And itai??i??s full of challenges holding me back, I feel like I step out from comfort zone, and my learning curve grow tremendously.
Begin Entrepreneur
I begin my entrepreneurial journey, I start build my own team, sleepless night for planning, one of my partner once told me to have these 4 imaginary friends when we had our tough months.

1. Warrior – Make myself discipline to my goal and team goal. Discipline
2. Beast – What I can sacrifice to realise my/team goal
3. Magician ai??i?? Find out any magical spell to make work highly effective and efficient
4. Archer ai??i?? Plan well and laser focus to reach the goal


It might be very cute to describe when I first know it. But as time goes, I apply these example in my life. It works perfectly well. Everything about persistence as well.

Now, apart from digital marketing agency project, my company grow slowly but getting stronger. WeAi??have two major projects, My Weekend Plan( A platform connecting lesson provider and learner) and Iai??i??ve successfully invite JJ Delgado, Marketing Expert from Amazon, he will show the successful marketing campaign tips to Malaysian.

Bringing Top Marketing Leader to Malaysia always has been, my to do list. And it’s happening this coming August. Opportunities don’t often come along. When they do, grab them tightly!

  1. While weai??i??re still young,Ai??weAi??live our youth only once

People told me, ai???Bryan, you are not married yet, you do not have any burden.ai??? Yes Iai??i??m not married yet, but I do some investment, and my monthly financial commitment is quite high.

Even if I already married, ask yourself, is this the life you want? If yes, you may stop reading. If no, please try to face your worst fear once in your life. If you are afraid of heights, go and experience, it wonai??i??t kill you.
I do not fear of challenges, because I will only be young once! I always tell people when time passed, there is not point of regret at the end because you cannot turn back time.

I read a powerful article once,

When we are still young,

Strive your very best every single day. Let go of your fear, there are people who will intimidate you, learn to handle them. Of course, they are annoying, but we still need to handle them because they bring out the best in ourselves.

When we are still young,

Make our life productive, Donai??i??t ever buy into a living of life of excuses. We can do many things, travel, exercise, eat, write, learn, take photograph of family and friends, etc. Donai??i??t just sit down, let the time passed and watch the world as it revolves. My company vision is create positive impact towards the society. I want each of us contribute to the betterment of world. Be part of the change. Say No to Average and Strive for continuous learning.

ai???Lazy people will never taste and see the goodness of their dreams. Donai??i??t be one of them.ai???

Youai??i??ve read this so far. I believe you are not one of them.

Letai??i??s believe. Donai??i??t wait for the dream to happen; Act on it !